Podcast episodes

Here are links to all of the latest podcasts, be sure to check them out…

Series 3 –

Episode 13 – Underwater wonders: The effects of sex, heat and heavy metal on aquatic organisms

Episode 1. The science behind compatibility 

Episode 2. Interactions: Plants, soil and climate change plus scientists and the public

Episode 3. Jurassic Park: Facts behind the Fiction 

Episode 4. Nobel Prize and Manchester iGEM winners

Episode 5. Remember remember the month of Movember!

Episode 6. The badger cull debate: Not so black and white

Episode 7.  The slow loris, a cute killer primate, and conservation

Episode 8.   The open access debate

Episode 9. The helminth and its host: Are parasitic worms helpful or harmful

Episode 10. Food for thought: The intricate relationship between obesity and the brain

Episode 11. Drug discovery and development: How it’s done

Episode 12 – EGGS: The evolution of genes, genomes and systems

Series 2 – 

Episode 16. Space monkeys and threatening corals

Episode 15. 24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Episode 14. Ecuador, a frog and a research station

Episode 13. Gut thoughts

Episode 12. Parasite Mind Control

Episode 11. Summer Is Icumen In (sing Cuckoo)

Episode 10. International Women’s day in the lab!

Episode 9. A stroke of misfortune

Episode 8. The Origin of Life

Episode 7. Cell polarity and breast cancer

Episode 6. Brains and Computers

Episode 5. The Moon and the Ragworm

Episode 4.  Autumn

Episode 3.  Light

Episode 2. Series 2

Episode 1. Series 2


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