Episode 9, Series 2 – A stroke of misfortune

We’ve decided to dedicate this whole episode to the topic of child stroke. It’s not the most cheerful topic out there, but it’s one that we felt really deserved our attention since so many people are not aware that stroke can affect children as well as older people.

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Episode 8, Series 2 – The Origin of Life

In this new episode of the Life Sciences Podcast we dive into a dark and fascinating question: what is the origin of life on our planet?

If you have been watching the BBC2 documentary series Wonders of Life presented by Prof. Brian Cox you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t watched it, allow me to say you really should; it’s a fantastic show for anyone with an interest in biology, physics… or life in general!

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Episode 5, Series 2 – The Moon and the Ragworm

It all started with me looking up at the sky one night and asking myself what I thought was a very simple question: “how does the Moon affect us and other animals on Earth?”. When I started asking this question around I got a lot of confusing and contradicting answers. So the first thing I thought I should do was to speak to an astronomer to find out what exactly the moon does to our planet. Prof. Tim O’Brien, associate director of the Jodrell Bank observatory, did an excellent job at explaining to me how and why tides our formed. I was actually quite embarrassed when I realised I knew so little about the science behind sea tides.

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Episode 2, Series 2

With our second episode you’ll hear that things are starting to change here. For a start, we’d like to introduce you to the two girls that will be presenting the podcast from now on, Greta Santagata and Ceri Harrop. Greta is the one with the weird Italian accent and Ceri has a fizzy, excitable “teacher’s voice”, as she defines it herself. Are two girl presenters going to make the show sound “too fluffy”, as our boss hinted at with a smile? We hope not. But feel free to comment below on the level of “fluffiness” of the show.

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